The View From Here (16'49'', 2012)

The View From Here is a documentary portrait of horse whisperer Peter Neilson. We see his everyday landscape and learn about the role animals play in his life. Peter is able to remember many of his past lives. He explains that animals, in principle, can take on different animal forms in different lifetimes, but his previous relations with earth have all been human. The film is an exploration of this man's relation with death and the mystery of nature.

Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival – Hawick, Scotland 2012
Stuttgarter Filmwinter – Stuttgart, Germany 2013
New Directors/New Films Festival – Porto, Portugal 2013
Madeira Film Festival – Funchal, Portugal 2014
Conference on The Supernatural in Literature and Film – Shetland, Scotland 2014

WINNER // Athens of the North Write Shoot Cut – Edinburgh, Scotland 2013

Directed by – Demelza Kooij
Cinematography – Demelza Kooij
Sound recording – Pete Smith
Editor – Demelza Kooij
Thanks – Scottish Documentary Institute

The View From Here on

The View From Here, Demelza Kooij

The View From Here, Demelza Kooij
The View From Here, Demelza Kooij