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The Breeder, Demelza Kooij
''Demelza Kooij successfully tells a story of the anthropocentric extreme of individualism and consumerism by alternating between these two worlds through a very meticulously edited film: the black and white clips with the voiceovers subtly prompt viewers to contemplate and pay attention to specific ideas and hints in the colored clips with the scientists and their app that follow them. The Breeder is a visually compelling film that captures the essence of this controversial topic by orchestrating a very coherently edited narrative with a gripping message.'' Lujain Ibrahim (22 July 2018)

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The Breeder, Demelza Kooij
The Breeder, Demelza Kooij
The Breeder, Demelza Kooij
The Breeder, Demelza Kooij
The Breeder, Demelza Kooij
The Breeder, Demelza Kooij

The Breeder (11'57'', 2017)

Always wanted an extra fluffy rabbit, a legless cat, or a dog on two legs?
Dr Schönbacher's new app makes it easy for you to design and order your own! The Breeder tells the story of a scientist who uses genetic modification to design custom-made pets. These hyper-cute creatures melt hearts worldwide, but there is a dark side to their irresistible begging eyes...

Imagine Science Films New York – 13-20 Oct 2017, New York, USA
Imagine Science Films Abu Dhabi – 8-10 Mar 2018, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Kunstnacht / InScience Film Festival – 22 Sept 2018, Nijmegen, Nederlands
Planet in Focus – 25-28 Oct 2018, Toronto, Canada
Animaladies II conference – 13 Dec 2018, Animal Studies Research Network, Wollongong, Australia

WINNER // Scientist Award Imagine Science Films Abu Dhabi 2018
''The goal of this award is to encourage more scientists to create films that let audiences into their minds, labs, and lifestyle.''

The Breeder, Demelza Kooij
The Breeder is a chapter for the feature film Mosaic commissioned by Imagine Science Films and Labocine.

Directed and Story by – Demelza Kooij
Screenplay – Chris Lindsay
Producer – Anita Norfolk
Executive Producers – Alexis Gambis, Lauren Kaye

Dr Gaia Schönbacher – Charlotte Hunter
Adam – Trevor Murphy

Voice #1 – Clare Fisher, La Trobe University Australia
Voice #2 – Dr Joyce Goggin, University of Amsterdam

Animator – Pepijn Schroeijers
Director of Photography – Joris Cottin
Assistant Camera – Thomas Aitken
Gaffer and Clapper Loader – Bětka Kovandová
Assistant Director – Federico Barni
Assistant Producer – Janine Koppe
Casting Director – Federico Barni
Location Sound Recordist – Liz Greene
Additional Sound Recording – Demelza Kooij, Lars Koens
Runner – Amy Chidlow
Make-up Artist – Sophie McGuffie
Editors – Demelza Kooij, Federico Barni
Sound Design – Lars Koens
Music Composer – Lars Koens

Archive – with special thanks to:
Cuda – Julie LeRoy
Turbo Roo – Ashley Looper
Pug – David Irving
Cat – Kathryn Jones
Various animals on wheels – Eddie's Wheels

Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), Quality Research Funding support (LJMU), Film Studies department and Alex Irving at Liverpool Screen School (LJMU), Dr Elli Wright, Maria Midgley, and Dr James La Course at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), Dr Cate Cropper, Nicola Frost, and Lynne Chapman at University of Liverpool, SheepIt Renderfarm, Zikmund Bartonicek, Marijke Cock, Nico Kooij, and Nekatu.

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The Breeder, Demelza Kooij